Back in the Saddle

Posted on September 09, 2013

This is my first post in almost ten months. Along the way I bought a new house and my wife had a baby. I'm finally settling back in to some great video game time. I've jumped back in to Guild Wars 2 and have to say thanks to my guild, Gaiscioch for making it so easy. I literally haven't played in six months and the first night I logged in I got swept into guild night WvW and had a blast.

But because of how I am, I can't just play a video game. Maybe it's because I run the product team at a tech startup, I don't know, but I have to nitpick it and dream of new features and do a little math on the table next to me. So here's my thought of the week:

Why hasn't anyone made a real website for their MMO?

World of Warcraft has come the closest. All the armory stuff is alright but honestly not what I'm looking for. It's more for showing off your character. When you get to be a certain age, that's just not important. What they did right however is being able to use the Auction House. Something like that basically lets me play the game when I can't play the game.

And that's all I really want. How can I play the game when I can't play the game. Managing the Auction House is a good start, but how about managing inventory, crafting, using the Mystic Forge? These are all places tied to a location that don't really have to be. Maybe I have to park my character's leather bound butt in Lion's Arch to do this. I'm ok with that. But it would be really cool to have something that progresses me.

Crafting almost feels like a waste of time for me because I only have a couple of precious hours in the evening. I would rather be hurling grenades off the side of a keep than making pasta. I still want to make the pasta though! Let me do it on the bus or in this meeting I'm in right now.

Anyway, that's what I'd love to see from an MMO web site. Not a place to show off new armor or look up someone's achievements; but a real live gaming experience.

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The Honeymoon Is Over

Posted on November 15, 2012

Guild Wars 2 has been out for almost 2 months now. The initial leveling and crafting rush is over. It's hilarious to see people brag about "being here since the beginning". It IS the beginning. Right now. But it is far enough in to start thinking about the long term.

I'm still having a blast in GW2, especially WvW. It's the best WvW/RvR I've experienced in a long, long time. So this is not a whine post or a "Guild Wars didn't live up to my expectations" post. It's just too things I think GW2 needs to maintain longevity.

What does GW2 need (now)?

sPvP rank matching. A full ladder system would be awesome, but they at least need to get in some simple "average rank of the team" matching going. The paid/free tournament system is broken and here is why: You need tickets to play in the paid ones. You get tickets from free ones. This just encourages the best teams to go stomp the bad teams. Then they go play in paid. If they don't win, they are forced to go stomp some noobs again.

The random levels of play my group faces in Free Tournaments is horrible. And it gets old. People can talk all they want about Private Arenas and the monthly tournaments but these things are far less important than matching skill level to skill level. It's the one thing that will benefit hardcore l33t "professional" gamers and the first timer who is checking out sPvP. It needs to be done quickly.

Threat mechanics I know this probably won't happen. And I'm not talking about Holy Trinity here. I'm talking about some skill that each profession can have to draw aggro or give it away temporarily. As it is, no one really understands exactly how the threat is working. (It'd be nice if would just tell us.) I think some skills where you draw attention automatically for 4 seconds would really make dungeons a lot more fun. Expert Dungeons just feel like chaos right now. Even with a good group that has a "tank" there's a lack of control in the fights. For me it's fun to do each one once, but I have no interest in repeating them for fun or for the gear.

These two things would make sPvP and PvE a lot more fun for me, and I think everyone.

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