Dress to Kill

Posted on October 08, 2012

So GW2 Armor is getting a lot of buzz. It's a great site and it makes it really easy to pick out exotic armor based on how it looks. But I'm more of the player that picks on stats first, looks second.

So to make it easy, I've made this spreadsheet of all the Exotic Armor, how to get it, and what the stats are. Not just Primary stat: Power, Secondary: Precisions. But the actual stat numbers.

The chart is color coded by sets that have the same stats. It's amazing how many choices you get of style once you pick the stats you want.

The Spreadsheet!

Keep in mind that you can mix and match any of these to get the stats you really want. Let's say you want Precision, Critcal Damage, and Toughness. Well you are out of luck. But you could get Power/Pre/Critical Dmg/Toughness by mixing Berserker's and Knight's. I won't judge the way you look, especially if you use some Transmutation stones.

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