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Posted on September 04, 2012

I'm pretty busy being an Asuran Engineer right now, but I thought I'd share a few builds I've been running these first nine days of Guild Wars 2.

Today's build is the Glass Rifle. I've been using this in random sPvP. It's served me really well in one on one situations or when I come across a one on one fight and I need to help a teammate.

Glass Rifle Build

EDIT: Hikmet pointed out that I don't have an Elixir to trigger Acidic Elixirs. True! It's because I originally ran this build with Elixir B instead of Net Turret and forgot to swap it out: oops. I'm still on the fence about which one I like better. Elixir B gives great buffs, swiftness, and gives you that explosion. I've updated the build link to use Empowering Adrenaline.

Here's the strategy: kill your opponent before you die. :) In my build I take a little more toughness than other builds I've seen, but you really can't take too much of a beating so you control the fight with nets, knockdowns and damage.

Almost all the damage comes from the Rifle. You must take Hair Trigger and Rifle Mod. I also take Acidic Elixirs so that I can still do damage when my Rifle is on cooldown. I generally use Analyze when available and let my crits stack even more vulnerability. You've got THREE nets to control the fight, one knockback and in the case of a melee opponent slick shoes will keep you alive.

The goal here is to stay ahead of your target, keep vuln on them, move in to blunderbuss and jump shot, move out when they are on CD or your opponent is doing something nasty. Try to save a net to get two hits from Jump Shot and try to save Overcharged Shot to interrupt their heals. There's no AoE to help you with Mesmer illusions so make sure you mark the Mesmer as your target.

I leave you with this word of caution: Rangers. ugh.

Oh, and I left 10 traits out because I don't feel strongly about them boosting power or vitality.

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