Builds are back!

This week I'm focusing on posting some builds I've been using. I'll post them here as well as the main page. Unfortunately there's not a good builder I can include in the site (for now) so you'll have to link off site to see the full build.

Builds (Newest First)

Glass Rifle

I wrote a full article on this one: First Week Builds The main thing is to constantly apply damage while controlling your foe's movement with nets, slicks, and knockdowns. Crits and Analyze will stack vuln which will lead to more damage from your Rifle and Elixirs.

Elixir Support Build

This is a build from Fineaid of Death & Taxes. It focuses on healing, Elixirs and the Elixir Gun. My only comment would be that the med kit and elixir gun together might be too much healing, if that's possible.

AoE Damage

This build is for hurting multiple foes, useful for dungeon groups or soloing. It focuses on AoE attacks and stacking conditions.

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