The tough, smart bomber: An survival build.

Posted on September 11, 2012

Another week, another build.

Last week I played a Glass Rifle build and although it was fun blasting people, if I got caught outnumbered at all I was immediately downed.

This week I opted for survivability and it sure worked. Going into Hot Join sPvP with 1900 toughness and tons of power was really fun and effective. If I have to choose a name for my builds, I might call this Tough Bomber.

Here's the build: Tough Bomber

The playstyle is very simple. Grenades at range, bombs at melee, survive. I frequently use Elixir S in combination with my heal to ensure there is no interupt and that I won't be downed too soon.

The trait Inertial Converter ensures that when your health is low you at least get to use the Elixir S toolbelt skill to hide yo'self.

Speedy Kits ensures I can have swiftness up whenever I want! by simply swapping kits.

Using this I can wreak havoc and survive a long time. It has much less burst than previous builds I've run but that's not what I was after at all. I was able to hold point against three opponents (knowing I had no chance of killing them all) long enough to get some teammates to help out.

The Bad

There are two things I don't like about this build.

  1. The points into Tools adds condition damage, which is awesome, but I didn't boost precision at all so it feels wasted. I went into tools for the recharge and the swiftness but it still feels bad.
  2. There is no reliable condition removal. To make up for this a little I used a Sigil of Purity which removes conditions on criticals. But again, low Precision.

Keeping in mind the good and the bad from this, I may try a pistol build converting the grenade kit into an Elixir and putting 30 points in Firearms instead of Explosives. In that case I would also look for a critical proc sigil as well.

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